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Anti-Wrinkle Treatments  

Anti-Wrinkle Injections
Our cosmetic physician is Dr Osmat Mizori (see profile). He is a permanent doctor working at the Centre and is highly experienced in providing anti-wrinkle treatments for both men and women.

When we are young our skin springs back to its initial position after facial expression but as we get older dynamic wrinkles remain on the skin to form static wrinkles; these are the wrinkles and folds that are present at rest. This process occurs because natural substances such as collagen (the major structural protein in the skin), elastin (the protein that causes tisue to stretch) and hyaluronic acid (which gives skin volume) decrease with age. This, together with environmental factors such as exposure to sunlight, smoking and stress all contribute to the creation of wrinkles and folds.

Anti-wrinkle injections can be used to relax specific facial muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles (these are the wrinkles that are formed during facial expression). Once the muscles are relaxed, you cannot contract them and continue to make the undesirable facial expressions. Thus, the lines gradually smooth and new lines are prevented from forming.

The effect can last up to 4 months before lines slowly begin to return. if you have repeat treatments, the effect tends to last longer.

It is often advisable to start anti-wrinkle treatments at a younger age before permanent lines develop.

Anti-wrinkle injections can also be used for "Hyperhidrosis" or excessive arm sweating. Ideal during the hot summer months or on special occassions e.g. wedding day or formal.

Line & Wrinkle Reduction
Dermal fillers offer a range of specially tailored products to enhance your appearance. Whether your need is to rejuvenate skin, smooth wrinkles or enhance facial contours or lips - there is a product for you. Fillers can help with:

  •  worry lines
  •  frown lines
  •  eyebrow
  •  crow's feet
  •  tired eyes
  •  nose
  •  cheek augmentation
  •  nasolabial folds
  •  smoker's lines
  •  lip line
  •  smile lines
  •  sad mouth corners
  •  lip enhancement
  •  chin augmentation

Free Consultation
Every dermal filler treatment is unique and every individual has their own perception of beauty. A consultation with our cosmetic physician will help clarify which treatment is best for you.

Call (02) 4254 2670 for any enquiries or appointments.

Lip Enhancement
Natural youthful lips are a symbol of beauty around the world and are desired by women of all ages. Now there's a natural way to create the lips you've always wanted with a tried and trusted treatment, Restylane There is an established safety profile over many years and over 11 million treatments worldwide.

The Natural Lip treatment is long-lasting, but not permanent, so you can vary the treatment as often as you choose. The Restylane range of products will help you achieve your desired look. Results usually last for 6-12 months and ongoing treatments are recommended to maintaing best results.

Restylane is a crystal-clear form of non-animal stabilised hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the lips but depletes as we age.

Restylane replaces the depleted hyaluronic acid, thereby maintaining lip fullness and definition. Your lips will not only appear fuller, they'll also feel softer and more hydrated.

The Natural Lip treatment restores youthful lips quickly, comfortably and affordably.


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